Webinar - Living Systematic Reviews: Opportunities and Challenges

This NIHR CRSU webinar will explore a broad perspective of Living Systematic Reviews (LSR),  from  the process of living search, inclusion and update of the analysis, to issues around multiple testing in a LSR and the risks of stopping when the analysis gives an (erroneous) ‘positive result’, and finally, looking at LSR in the context of our vision for a greater marriage of evidence synthesis and original research. How can the LSR inform the next trial and how will that trial feed into the LSR? We will share our experience of using the CRSU Covid-19 MetaInsight App (particularly the automation aspects) to aid the visualisation of living network meta-analysis. 

Programme CRSU Webinar Living Systematic Reviews 



Toby Lasserson, Deputy Editor In Chief, Cochrane.

Maarten van Smeden, Statistician and Assistant Professor, University Medical Center Utrecht.

Maarten van Smeden is a statistician and assistant professor in epidemiologic methods. His work focusses on methods for development and validation of models for diagnosis and prognosis, missing data and measurement error. He is also co-lead of the first BMJ living systematic review of diagnosis and prognosis models related to COVID-19.

Webinar Recording and Slides

CRSU & Cochrane Living Systematic Reviews Webinar Recording


Terry Quinn - The Practicalities of LSR 

Toby Lasserson - Cochrane Covid LSR Experience 

Alex Sutton- Updating issues of LSR

Neil Hawkins- Sequential Methods for Meta Analysis  

Yiqiao Xin- MEtainsight COVID

Maarten Van Smeden- Where LSR Fits in the Evidence Ecosystem 

Terry Quinn - Mindmaps Gallery