David Stott

David Stott

David StottCurrent post: David Cargill Professor of Geriatric Medicine (Honorary Consultant), February 1994 - present ‌

Other significant appointments:

  • Editor- in-Chief, Age and Ageing (Journal of the Britsh Geriatrics Society) February 2014 to present.
  • Lead, Cochrane Healthcare of Older People Field, 2006 to present.
  • Chair of the Association of Professors of Geriatric Medicine UK, 2013 to present.

 Research and evidence based practice:

My research has contributed substantially to the understanding of cognitive decline and disability in later life, and to the evidence-base for practice of geriatric medicine and health care of older people.

The high quality of my research has been recognised with major grants from the MRC, Wellcome Trust and the European Union. In August 2011 I secured a major grant (value €5.96M) from the EU FP7 program for a randomised controlled trial of treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism in older people. I am chief investigator of this project, leading a team that includes research sites and collaborators in the Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland.

I am lead of The Cochrane Healthcare of Older People Field; Cochrane Systematic Reviews are the leading source of high-quality data collating all the eveidence for effects of health care interventions. I have ensured that Ageing and Geriatric Medicine receives an appropriate platform for conduct of reviews within Cochrane.


Over 180 publications  – H-index 48.