Image of the University of Glasgow with the words Glasgow Changing Futures to the left hand side

Glasgow Changing Futures (GCF) is the University's commitment to integrating research, innovation, education, partnerships and influence to advance solutions to local, national and global societal challenges. Initially our priority areas for action and focus will be on “Sustainable Futures” and “Healthy and Equitable Futures”.

GCF reflects the aspiration within our community to make a meaningful contribution to a larger cause.

Our ethos

  • GCF will develop impactful solutions to major societal challenges through equitable partnerships built around collaborative creation and delivery.
  • Our approach will ensure that diverse perspectives shape inclusive and sustainable solutions.
  • We will foster a culture of possibility, where diverse perspectives come together and inclusive methodologies are championed.
  • Dialogue and partnerships will be integral to finding impactful solutions.
  • Central to GCF is our commitment to collaboration and innovation to achieve positive change.

Glasgow Changing Futures: The Beginning