Connecting globally

We are continuing our tradition of world-changing scholarship by working in partnership with others across the globe.

illustration showing globe and connections to Glasgow

The University has often been the starting point for significant journeys of discovery and collaboration. For over five centuries we’ve inspired people who have gone on to shape other great educational institutions around the world, and we maintain strong relationships with many of them to this day. 

Through our strategic university partnerships, research collaborations, joint degrees, and student exchange and study abroad programmes we are creating the opportunity for the sharing of knowledge and new ways for learning. 

Key priority partnerships with the Universities of Hong Kong and Sydney, McGill University, Columbia University, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Radboud University and the Smithsonian Institution bring our inspiring people together, while partnerships with the Singapore Institute of Technology, Nankai University and the University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (UESTC) mean that we continue to extend our global footprint through innovative transnational education.

We currently have 420 study abroad and exchange partners. Our students are more internationally mobile than ever before, while we work hard to internationalise the experience of gaining a Glasgow degree for all of our students. 

We are proud to be founding members of the university networks Universitas 21 and The Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, which are growing our international reputation and reach and providing a platform for engaging in new collaborations and influencing sector-wide policy. 

The best institutions in the world are those that are deemed truly global, and we are proud to be one of them. Expect more inspiring discoveries and innovations as we continue to expand our international connections and impact.

  • 39,000 alumni are living in 177 countries outside of the UK
  • OVER 900 degrees awarded to students at the University of Glasgow Singapore, our first subsidiary outside of Scotland
  • 28,000 students from 140 countries
  • OVER 1,200 students in China studying joint degrees with NANKAI University and UESTC