The Cloisters at the University

Our people have always been at the forefront of innovation and our past achievements inspire our current world changers.

  • 1765 James Watt gives power to the industrial revolution.
  • 1776 Adam Smith lays the foundations of modern economics.
  • 1848 Lord Kelvin proposes an absolute scale of temperature, now called the Kelvin Scale.
  • 1867 Joseph Lister gives us antiseptic in surgery.
  • 1894 Marion Gilchrist is the first woman in Scotland to graduate in medicine.
  • 1896 John MacIntyre opens the world's first x-ray department.
  • 1913 Frederick Soddy discovers isotopes.
  • 1926 John Logie Baird invents television.
  • 1958 Ian Donald shows us the first ultrasound image of a foetus.
  • 1967 Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovers radio pulsars.
  • 1974 Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett create the Glasgow Coma Scale.
  • 2004 Edwin Morgan becomes Scotland's first National Poet.
  • 2014 Nicola Sturgeon becomes the first female First Minister of Scotland.
  • 2015 Sheila Rowan leads the Glasgow team that first detected gravitational waves.

Changing the world is not only about making discoveries and creating new technologies. Informed leaders, creative thinkers and bold business minds have honed their skills at Glasgow. The talents of some of the UK’s most influential political figures have been nurtured here. Award-winning writers have developed their craft. Human rights activists have gained their voice.

We are a place that inspires ambitious people to succeed. A place where inquiring minds can develop their ideas. A place where talented people are given the space to realise their dreams.

Most importantly, we are open to the world. Our doors are open to the brightest minds, regardless of background, who wish to study at university. We are open to collaboration and the exchange of knowledge with other universities, government and business. 

To continue to be a world-class and progressive university, we are dedicated to bringing inspiring people together to change the world.‌