Mental Health

Positive mental health is a vital factor for ensuring a healthy population of staff and students at the University.  Good mental health in staff not only aids the reduction of sickness absence but also creates a more constructive and creative environment to work in.

Staff Counselling

The University provides free access for staff to an external, independent and confidential staff counselling service. Our Employee Assistance Programme offers:

  • Expert advice
  • Invaluable information
  • Specialist counselling 
  • Support 

Visit the Health and Wellbeing Hub for further information and details on how to access the support.

Access to Work also fund Mental Health Support Services at no cost to you.  It's independent, confidential and can support you to manage your mental health at work, which might include:

  • a tailored plan to help you get or stay in work
  • one-to-one sessions with a mental health professional

You can apply direct to their current partners via the Access to Work webpage.  

Occupational Health Unit

The University's Occupational Health Unit aims to complement the University's academic reputation by providing a support service that promotes and preserves both the physical and mental wellbeing of all staff.  Referrals to the University's psychological service (clinical psychologist/consultant psychiatrist) can be made through them.

Mental Health First Aid

NHS Scotland describes Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) as being “like any other type of first aid, the help given to a person before appropriate professional help or treatment can be obtained”. The main difference is that it is the initial support for someone who needs support for a mental health issue rather than a physical one”

It is important to appreciate that Mental Health First Aid is not designed to treat or offer longterm support for mental health issues, but to help an individual through the immediate distress and assist and guide them to appropriate professional help.

Find out more about Mental Health First Aiders at the University of Glasgow

Preparing for Research Fieldwork - Physically and Mentally

This course is for researchers undertaking independent fieldwork or research-related travel in the UK or abroad. 

It covers risk assessments, taking into account you physical and emotional wellbeing, as part of the fieldwork process. 

Course aims:

  • To raise awareness of some of the challenges, both physical and emotional, you might be faced with during fieldwork and provide information to help you plan a safe, happy and productive trip.
  • To guide you through University support, policies, resources and training which can help you in the planning stages (such as writing a risk assessment), as well as during your trip and on your return. 
  • To provide you with opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a professional researcher, in a fieldwork context, and how you can grow your leadership capacity in this area, to ensure safe and inclusive fieldwork experiences for all involved. 

Access the Preparing for Research Fieldwork course.

Mentally Healthy Workplace resources

Mentally Healthy Workplace

This course, available through Moodle, is aimed at line managers to help them recognise the signs of workplace stress and to support their staff, but it can be a useful resource for all staff to increase awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Line Managers can also view A Practical Guide to Managing & Supporting Mental Health for Line Managers.

Staff Health and Wellbeing Information and Resources webpage

Looking after our health and wellbeing is always important, especially during this difficult and challenging period. We have gathered together some resources and information to support staff in looking after their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Staff Health and Wellbeing Information and Resources webpages