Some programmes require students to pay a deposit to secure their place.

Deposits are normally only requested from international students. If you are an international student then we will only issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) once the deposit has been paid. 

Your offer letter will state:

  • how to pay the deposit payment
  • the deadline for paying the deposit.

How to pay your deposit

Deposit payments can be made through your Applicant Self Service account.

  1. Log into your Application and select the Applicant Self Service button.
  2. Select the Applications tile. If you have multiple offers, choose the programme for which you wish to make your deposit payment.
  3. Select the 'Accept or Decline' button to accept your offer. Once accepted, you will see the 'Make a Payment' button.
  4. Select the ‘Make a Payment’ button and you will be taken to the 'Make a Payment' screen.
  5. On the 'Make a Payment' screen you will see the name of the programme(s) you have an offer for.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay towards your deposit in the ‘Payment Amount’ column. Payment of the full amount is required to secure your offer of a place.
  7. Select 'Next' and then 'Continue to make my payment' and complete your credit/debit card details.

If you are making your deposit payment on Applicant Self-Service and it is only showing the year before your intended start, please ignore this and proceed with your deposit payment following the instructions on your deposit letter.

Confirmation of deposit payment and securing your place

Once the payment has been made you can click on the "View Payment" link to view and print a receipt under the "Posted Cashier Payment" section.

If you pay your deposit by the deadline date then, once your deposit payment has been received, you will have secured an offer of a place on the programme. We will send you an email to acknowledge this within 3 working days of receipt of payment.

If you pay your deposit after the deadline, we may not be able to secure your place.

If you are funded through an official sponsor

If you are applying to, or have been awarded, a scholarship from your home country or an external funder that covers all tuition fees and you are therefore unable to make the deposit payment, then you should upload a copy of your scholarship application or award letter to your application by the deadline date.

If you are applying to a scholarship that is not open for applications yet and are therefore unable to upload a copy of your scholarship application or award letter, then you should upload your written confirmation that you intend to fund your studies via external scholarship.

If you do not upload this evidence by the deadline, we cannot guarantee your admission to the programme and your offer may be withdrawn. To upload this evidence, you should log into Applicant Self-Service and click on the ‘Upload Documents’ link.

Late payments

If you pay the deposit after the deadline then you may still be able to secure your offer of a place, but this will be dependent on the number of places we have remaining when we receive your deposit.

If we are not able to accept your late deposit payment and we withdraw your offer, then you will be entitled to a refund. Please note that in this instance any refund will incur the standard handling fee. (see Deposit refund - terms and conditions).

Deposit deadlines

Your deposit payment deadline will be stated in your offer email.

Extension requests

To request a deposit extension, please contact us using our enquiry form selecting the “Deposit” category and “Extension” sub category.

Please note that extension requests will not be granted for highly competitive programmes.

Deposit refunds - Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

The following guidelines will apply in determining whether a deposit will be refunded. Where the deposit is refunded, a 25% handling fee will be deducted.

Deposits WILL be refunded to applicants under the following circumstances:

  1. Where the University is unable to offer you a place.
  2. Where the applicant has personal circumstances such as illness, bereavement or other family situations that has prevented them coming to the UK. Medical or other proof may be requested.
  3. Applicant does not meet his / her conditions of offer: this may be academic or language test requirements. Satisfactory evidence must be uploaded to the student’s applicant self-service to prove that they have not met the conditions of their offer (note that applicants who do not meet the language condition of their offer must show reasonable attempt to meet this, i.e. they must provide a language test which was taken after the date that the deposit was paid).

Deposits WILL NOT be refunded to applicants under the following circumstances:

  1. Applicant has decided to defer – in this situation the University will retain the deposit and credit it against the applicant’s account for securing their place for the following year of entry.

Timeframe for requesting a refund

Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the programme start date stated on your offer letter.

Requests made after this date will be subject to discretion.

Timeframe for receiving a refund

We will aim to refund the deposit within 8 weeks of the request being received.

How to request a deposit refund

Please go to our enquiry form and select 'Fees and Deposit' as the enquiry reason and then 'Can I have a deposit refund?'.

Programmes requiring a deposit

Programmes requiring a deposit