Previous Gordon Lectures in American Studies

Previous Gordon Lectures in American Studies

2017 Roddy Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
    'Roddy Hart: An American Lyric'

2016 Brad McDonald
   'Deep South: A conversation with Chef Brad McDonald'

2015 David Willis (BBC California Correspondent)
   'Hollywood and the American Dream'

2014 Professor David Blight (Class of 1954 Professor of History, Yale University) and Professor Richard Blackett (Andrew Jackson Professor of History, Vanderbilt University)
   'The Fugitive Slave Act and the Coming of the American Civil War'

2013 Professor Wai Chee Dimock (Yale University)
   ‘Recycling Gilgamesh: Lousiana, Vietnam, Iraq?’

2012 Professor Alan Brinkley (Columbia University)
   ‘The Great Depression, Then and Now’

2011 Professor Harvey Bryan (Arizona State University), Professor Gary Libecap (University of California at Santa Barbara) and Professor Ian Tyrell (University of New South Wales)
   'The American Environment: A conversation'

2010 Mr Bruce Molsky 
   A performance of American traditional and folk

2009 Professor Douglas Tallack (University of Leicester)
   'The line of history: the Society of Iconophiles and New York City, 1895-1939'

2008 Professor Vincent Carretta (University of Maryland)
   ‘Reading Equiano Reading Milton (and others): Poetry in the Service of History’

2007 Professor Susan Castillo (King’s College London)
   ‘George Washington Cable and the Gothic of the Caribbean’

2006 Professor Tony Badger (Cambridge University)
   'Martin Luther King Jr.: Who Needs Him?’

2005 Professor Richard King (University of Nottingham)
   ‘Another Country: The Crisis in US Political Culture’

2004 Professor John Stauffer (Harvard University)
   ‘The Prophetic Vision of James McCune Smith’

2003 Mr. Marc Pachter (Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC)
  ‘Posing for the Presidency: Style and Substance in Portraits of America’s Leaders’

2002 Professor William Deverell (University of Southern California)
   ‘History and the City of the Future: Writing the Los Angeles Past’

2001 Professor Andrew Hook (Emeritus, University of Glasgow)
   ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda, and the Crack-Up’