University of Glasgow – The Pirbright Institute joint research meeting

The University of Glasgow’s Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health is hosting a meeting to discuss common research themes in existing collaborations between the University of Glasgow and The Pirbright Institute, both through joint grants and PhD studentships, how to improve the links between the two organisations, and what future collaborations we should be considering. The meeting will take place at the University of Glasgow on Friday, April 15th from 9am to 5.30pm.

Our intention is for visitors from Pirbright to arrive on the Thursday for meetings with their collaborators, and then to have an informal reception in a local hostelry (upstairs in The Curlers Rest on Byres Road) on Thursday night, where in particular we're hoping the PhD students can be persuaded to discuss how to maximise the benefits they gain from being students at both organisations while minimising the unnecessary bureaucratic duplication.

On Friday, in the main lecture theatre of the Graham Kerr building, we'll have a mixture of research talks on the three broad areas that we work on together from 9am to 4pm:

  • Assay development, surveillance and field epidemiology
  • Transmission, host-virus interactions and evolution
  • Immunology, vaccinology and antigenic modelling

and then discussions from 4pm to 5.30pm on how we could be linking together better, what research areas we think we could we could join up better across the varying hosts and pathogens we collectively work on, and how we can improve the student experience for our joint PhD students.

Organisers: Richard Reeve and David Paton