School of Veterinary Medicine

School of Veterinary Medicine

Fiona Houston

I am interested in the role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases of livestock, especially prion diseases such as scrapie and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Nicholas Jonsson

Bovine immunogenetics in relation to immunity to disease, metabolic function and production characteristics. Evolution of drug resistance among parasites and management strategies to delay loss of efficacy of products in the field.

Dominic Mellor


Understanding the circumstances that conspire to bring people into contact with animals and/or their products in ways that alter their risk of zoonotic disease.

Tim Parkin

I am a veterinary epidemiologist with a particular interest in the prevention of equine fatal and non-fatal injuries. My major area of work is with racing Thoroughbreds, having worked on projects in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. I am also interested in the use of genetics, imaging and pathology to identify "at risk" horses at the earliest possible stage of the disease/injury process.

Minnie Parmiter

My research interests lie in the use of mathematical models for analysis and prediction and control of disease dynamics. I have a particular interest in malaria, as well as vector-borne, zoonotic and emerging infections in a multidisciplinary context. Additionally, I am intrigued by network and systems biology and how disease occurrence is influenced by macro-drivers such as climatic or environmental change, drug-resistance, resource availability and particularly socio-economic status.