Epidemiology and population ecology

Epidemiology is bound up in the distribution and abundance of pathogen host populations.  Most members of the Centre would identify interests within this intersection.  Examples would include the control of rabies and canine distemper in domestic dogs in developing countries (Sarah CleavelandHeather FergusonDan Haydon); the inclusion of vector behavioural ecology into integrated vector control programmes to control malaria (Heather FergusonJan Lindstrom); control of canid viral diseases in Ethiopian wolves and African Wild Dogs (Dan HaydonLouise MatthewsClare MarsdenSarah Cleaveland); the persistence of pathogens in populations of different sizes (Roman Biek); the use of network theory to study the spread of livestock pathogens (Rowland Kao);and the identification and control of pathogens in animal reservoirs (Sarah CleaveandLouise MatthewsDan Haydon, Rowland Kao); the analysis of epidemiological risk (Kath O'ReillyDominic MellorStuart Reid), and dynamics of co-infections and within-host pathogen community effects (Isabella Cattadori) - this is to name but a few, and our interests in this area are legion.