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Advisory Board

The Medical Humanities Research Centre (MHRC) is based in the School of Critical Studies, but functions across the College of Arts & Humanities and the College of Medicine, Veterinary and Life Sciences, in close liaison with the College of Social Sciences and College of Science and Engineering. The MHRC is directed by Dr Gavin Miller, with Dr Megan Coyer as co-Director, and is advised by a board drawn from various Schools and Subject areas across the University.

Advisory Board members:

Dr Angus Ferguson, Lecturer in Economic and Social History, School of Social and Political Sciences
Barbara Gulliver, Medical Humanities Unit
Dr Cheryl McGeachan, Lecturer in Geography, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
Prof. Cindy Gray, Interdisciplinary Professor of Health and Behaviour, Institute of Health and Wellbeing
Dr Lucy Pickering, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Health and Wellbeing
Dr Manon Mathias, Lecturer in French, School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Moira Rankin, Senior Archivist, Special Collections
Dr Sabine Wieber, Lecturer in Art History, School of Humanities
Dr Sheila Dickson, Senior Lecturer in German, School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Dr Ourania Varsou, Lecturer in Anatomy, School of Life Sciences
Dr Sophia Xenofontos, Lecturer in Classics, School of Humanities