Vascular Diseases and Comorbidities

Pathologies in the vascular system can cause, or worsen, disease in almost every body system. Our Vascular Disease and Comorbidities theme takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the problem, looking to understand and treat vascular problems at all levels, from fundamental laboratory research, through clinical trials, to population data science.

Included in this theme are teams researching some of the most important health problems facing contemporary society, including dementia, high blood pressure, and pregnancy related complications. We look to create research that makes a difference, and the results of our work feature in the press, guidelines, and government policy documents almost as often as they appear in high profile scientific journals and conferences.

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, including both clinical and non-clinical researchers, and we make use of a variety of differing experimental methods and approaches. However, there are key themes that are common across our group: supporting early career researchers to achieve their full potential, developing multidisciplinary, collaborative science, and an appreciation of the vascular contribution to health and disease.

University of Glasgow has a proud tradition of practice changing vascular research. However, we realise that tackling vascular disease requires new ideas and collaboration. We are keen to hear from other teams who wish to join us in researching vascular disease, and we welcome enthusiastic researchers who want to join our theme.




Professor Terry Quinn


Professor in Cardiovascular Ageing (Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health)

telephone: 0141 956 0519