2005 - 2004 School of Critical Studies keynote lectures and invited papers


Adam, A.K.M. “‘The Strong Right Arm That Holds For Peace’: Godliness As An Alternative to Empire.” Ekklesia Project Gathering, (July 2005)

Adam, A.K.M. “Poaching on Zion: Biblical Theology as Signifying Practice.” Winslow Lecture, Seabury- Western Theological Seminary, (April 2005)

Adam, A.K.M. “Freedom, Faith, and Connectivity.” Freedom to Connect Conference, Washington DC, (March 2005)

Adam, A.K.M. “‘Do This’: Translating, Representing, and Signifying New Testament Theology.” Catholic Biblical Association, (August 2005)

Anderson, Wendy. "Scottish Society of the Institute of Linguists." (Perth 2005)

Anderson, Wendy. "St Andrews Institute for Language and Linguistic Studies." (St Andrews 2005)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Mystikerinnen im Mittelalter: Theologie einer weiblichen Gotteserfahrung?” Lecture series in association with the exhibition Ernst Barlach – Mystiker der Moderne, Christuskirche, Mainz, (November 2005)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Anglican Ecclesiology at the time of the Bonn Agreement (1931).” International Anglican/Old Catholic Conference, (September 2005)



Adam, A.K.M. “Making An Author You Can’t Refuse.” SBL Midwest Regional Meeting, (February 2004)

Adam, A.K.M. “Cards, Links, and Research: Teaching Technological Learners.” Theology and Pedagogy in Cyberspace II, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, (April 2004)

Emmott, Catherine. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) mini-conference, Lancaster University, (2004)


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