2007 - 2006 School of Critical Studies keynote lectures and invited papers


Anderson, Wendy. The Literacy Exchange, (Glasgow 2007)

Anderson, Wendy. The Cultural Value of Oral History conference, (Glasgow 2007)

Emmott, Catherine. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) mini-conference, University of Huddersfield, (2007)

Methuen, Charlotte. “‘To delineate the divinity of the Creator’:  The search for Platonism in late sixteenth-century Tübingen.” Naturwissenschaft und Religion im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert, annual conference of the Verein für Reformationsgeschichte, Stiftung Leucorea, Wittenberg, (October 2007)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Peter Martyr Vermigli’s exegetical lectures at the University of Oxford.” International Conference of the McGill Centre for Research on Religion, McGill University: Humanism, Hebraism and Scholasticism:  the ‘new’ hermeneutics of Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562), Montreal, Canada, (August 2007)

Methuen, Charlotte. “HERR – HErr. Zum Umgang mit dem Kyriostitel in der früh­neuzeitlichen Bibelübersetzung.” Symposium: Gott heißt nicht nur ‘Vater’:  Gottes Name und Metaphern für Gott in der Bibel in gerechter Sprache, University of Hamburg, (June 2007)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Diakonat ohne Diakonie?  Eine geschichtliche Überlegung zur Stellung von Diakon, Diakonisse, und Diakonin in der anglikanischen Kirche.” Symposium: Die diakonische Funktion der Kirchen, Karl-Franzens-University, Graz, (June 2007)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Parliament and Poetics in Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowles.” University of Pennsylvania, (2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Need is Generous.”  Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles (2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Covert May:  Sex and the Soul in Chaucer’s the Merchant’s Tale.” University of Indiana, (October 2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Faith has Feet: Allegory and Alliteration in Piers Plowman.” Poetics Session, International Langland Conference, Philadelphia, (2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “The Anchoritic Scholar: Remarks on the Occasion of the Retirement of Linda Georgianna.” UC Irvine, (June 2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Medieval Feminism and the Graduate Student.” Roundtable International Medieval Congress Leeds (2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Translatio Studii et Imperii in the Body of a Woman, Criseyde.” International Medieval Congress, (July 2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Parliamentary Subjectivity in Chaucer’ Parliament of Fowles.” UC Davis, (2007)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Privacy and the Privee in the Merchant’s Tale.” UC Davis, (2007)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘After “After Theory” and Other Apocalyptic Conceits: What Is, What Was, and What May Yet Take Place between the Bible and Theory.’ Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego (Reading, Theory and the Bible section): with Stephen D. Moore, (2007)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Early Modern Theologico-Political Negotiations, or the Emergence of the Whig/Liberal Bible.’ International Society of Intellectual History Annual Meeting, Birkbeck College, University of London, (2007)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Reading/Writing Jeremiah: Self-Conscious Scrolls and Subverted Desires. with Mark Brummitt, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego, (Writing/Reading Jeremiah section), (2007)



Adam, A.K.M. “Discovery Tools: Replanting the Tree of Knowledge.” Society for Scholarly Publishing, Philadelphia, PA, (September 2006)

Emmott, Catherine. 9th International Conference on the Short Story in English, University of Lisbon, Portugal, (2006)

Emmott, Catherine. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), Style in Fiction Symposium, Lancaster University, (2006)

Methuen, Charlotte. “‘Denke an dein Kind, das ohne dich nicht leben kann!’:  Mütter in der Nachfolge Christi.” Kinder haben – KindSein – GeborenSein, conference of the German section of the European Society for Women in theological research, Gelnhausen, (November 2006)

Methuen, Charlotte. “In Our Time” (Radio Four): “The Diet of Worms – Luther’s stand against the Church,” panellist with Diarmaid MacCulloch and David Bagchi., (October 2006)

Methuen, Charlotte. “From sola scriptura to astronomia nova: Johannes Kepler and the definition of a new scientific orthodoxy.” Colloquium:  “ « Nouveau Ciel, Nouvelle Terre » La révolution copernicienne dans l’Allemagne de la Réforme 1530 – 1630,” Université Marc Bloch Strasbourg, (June 2006)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Reformation in Europe:  theological, ecclesiological or political?” Annual Conference of the Conference of the Society for Reformation Studies: The Reformation in Europe, (March 2006)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2006)


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