2009 - 2008 School of Critical Studies keynote lectures and invited papers


Alexander, Marc. 'Reader Assumptions, Mind
 Style and Agatha Christie’s
 The A.B.C. Murders.' Poetics and Linguistics Association: The Art of Stylistics, Middelburg, Netherlands, (June 2009)

Alexander, Marc. 'Case study: Shavers, petticoats and lambkins: “men”, “women” and “children” in the HTOED' (with Kate Wild, Christian Kay and Irené Wotherspoon). Dictionary Society of North America Biennial Meeting, In panel session 'Turning the OED inside out: an account of The Historical Thesaurus of the OED’, (May 2009)

Alexander, Marc. 'Bimboes, biddies and bratlings: what we can learn from words about “men”, “women” and “children” and their categorization in The Historical Thesaurus of the OED' (with Kate Wild). Language and History, Linguistics and Historiography, Bristol, Historical Sociolinguistics Network, (April 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “Augustine’s Postal Demons: Reflections on a Theologico-Postal History of the West.”  Presented to European Science Foundation “Religion and Technology” workshop at the University of Glasgow, (October 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “Rethinking Paul, or, Why European Philosophy Has Never Been Modern.”  Presented to the Working Grants Group in Religion and Political Thought.  University of Copenhagen, (May 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “The Politics of Homelessness in Paul and His Interpreters.”  Presented to the Conference, Holy Land as Homeland: Models for Constructing the Historic Landscapes of Jesus.  University of Oslo, (March 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “Incident at Antioch: an Interview with Alain Badiou.”  With Susan Spitzer at the University of Glasgow conference, Paul, Political Fidelity, and the Philosophy of Alain Badiou, (Februrary 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “Paul Among the Nihilists?  Nothings and Nonbeings in Paul and the Philosophers.”  Presented to the Pauline Epistles Section of the Society of Biblical Literature, Boston, MA, (November 2009)

Blanton, Ward. “With and Beyond Werner Kelber: Phenomenology and Technique Specific Theories of Religion and Media.”  Presented to a Joint Session of the Mapping Memory and Bible in Ancient and Modern Media Group of the Society of Biblical Literature, Boston, MA, (November 2009)

Clague, Julie. ‘HIV and Concepts of Sin’, day conference on AIDS: A Sign of the Times, Heythrop College, London University, (November 2009)

Clague, Julie. ‘Catholicism and Human Rights in European Perspective.’ at Stockholm School Theology, (30 March 2009)

Clague, Julie. ‘Public Theology in the UK’, New Horizons in Public Theology colloquium, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento Italy, (March 2009)

Creasy, Matthew. ‘Joyce and Error’, Dublin James Joyce Summer School, (July 2009)

Cronin, Richard. Five lectures on Romanticism and the Culture of the Book. Winter Summer School of Ewha University, Seoul, (January 2009)

Cronin, Richard. Lecture on Jane Austen. Seoul National University, (January 2009)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Wordsworth and the Current Press.’ Wordsworth Summer School, Grasmere (2009)

Emmott, Catherine. International Conference on Minds and Narrative, Leuven, Belgium, (2009)

Gillespie, Stuart. ‘Roman and Romantic Satire.’ Romans and Romantics conference, Norwegian Cultural Institute, Rome, (May 2009)

Gillespie, Stuart. ‘Shakespeare as a Reader.’ Renaissance Translation French and English conference, St John’s College, Oxford, (November 2009)

Grant, Robert. ‘The Pursuit of Intimacy, or Rationalism in Love.’ Michael Oakeshott Association Biennial Conference. Baylor University, Texas, (November 2009)

Hough, Carole. ‘Toponymicon and lexicon in north-west Europe: “ever-changing connection.”’ Twelfth E. C. Quiggin Memorial Lecture, Cambridge, (3 December 2009)

Hough, Carole. ‘The Northern Isles and their neighbours: place-names and language contact reconsidered.’ Conference on Historical Language and Literacy in the North Sea Area, Stavanger, (August 2009)

Leask, Nigel. ‘‘Their Groves o’ Sweet Myrtles’: Robert Burns and the Scottish Colonial Experience.’ at Royal Society of Edinburgh, Burns in Global Context Conference, (23rd Jan, 2009)

Leask, Nigel. ‘On the Margins of Europe: Tam o’Shanter and Antiquarian Irony.’ Robert Burns in European Culture Conference, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, (March, 2009)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Burns and Latin American.’ Robert Burns in a Transatlantic Context Conference, Centre for Scotish Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, (April, 2009)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Radicalism, Romanticism, and Popular Culture’ at AHRC-funded United Islands? Multi-Lingual Radical Poetry and Song in Britain and Ireland, 1770-1820 Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast, (August 2009)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Humboldt and the Romantic Image of Native America.’ Alexander von Humboldt and America, (27th November, 2009)

Maley, Willy. ‘Milton Dressed as Lamb: From Redshank Redemption to Saxon Agonistes.’ Region, Religion and Early Modern Literature, Institute of English Studies, University of London, (April 2009)

Maley, Willy. ‘Shakespeare’s Double Edges: The Worlds of As You Like It.’ Double Edges: rhetorics rhizomes regions, The International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL) Conference 2009, Brunel University, London, (June 2009)

Methuen, Charlotte. “In Our Time” (Radio Four): “The Siege of Münster – Apocalypse 1535,” with Diarmaid MacCulloch and Lucy Wooding, (November 2009)

Methuen, Charlotte. “The German Reformation and the Mathematization of the Created World.” Numinous Numbers: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Theology – An Interdisciplinary Symposium in Celebration of the Double Bicentenary of Hermann Grassmann and Benjamin Peirce, organised by the John Templeton Foundation, Cambridge, MA;, (October 2009)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Anglican - Lutheran Relations: an update.” Annual General Meeting and Day Conference of the Anglican-Lutheran Society, (March 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘Byron’s Networks and Scottish Romanticism.’ Edinburgh (February 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘Robert Burns and Global Culture.’ 44th William Will Lecture, House of Commons, Sponsored by Andrew Mitchell, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, (March 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘What is a National Culture ?’ Brigham Young University, Utah, (April 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘Global Burns.’ Brigham Young University, Utah, (April 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘The Road to Independence? Calman, Cameron and the View from Now.’ Scotland Ten Years On Conference, UWS/GCU, Glasgow, (June 2009)

Pittock, Murrayy. ‘The Myth of the Jacobite Clans.’ Edinburgh Book Festival, (August 2009)

Pittock, Murray. ‘What is a National Culture ?’ University of Aberdeen Scots-Irish conference, (October 2009)

Randall, Bryony. ‘Telling the day in Beatrice Webb and Dorothy Richardson.’ Looking Back on the End of Time: Modernism and Beyond Conference, University of East Anglia, (September 2009)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2009)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Polyphony, Dissent and Gender in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowles.” University of St. Andrews (October 2009)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Alliterative Poetics in  Piers Plowman.”  Medieval Institute Meetings, Kalamazoo, (May 2009)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Border Poetics in West Midlands Middle English Poetry.” Much Wenlock Abbey, (July 2009)

Schmidt, Michael. A Poetic Celebration of the Hudson River (NYC, co-organised with Smithsonian NPG Washington and the NY Port Authority, presenter and host, with John Ashbery, Eavan Boland, Jorie Graham, John Koethe, Yusef Komunyakaa, Paul Muldoon and Toon Tellegen), (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. Iberian in Translation, (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. Lerwick Archive annual lecture, Hugh MacDiarmid, (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. Re-Writing the Bible, (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. University of Oxford, St John’s College, Robert Graves Conference, (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. University of St Andrews: Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts Lecture and Q&A, (2009)

Schmidt, Michael. University of Stirling Poetry and Translation Conference, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: From Post-Theory to Pre-Criticism.’ Centre for Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: From Sub-Sub-Specialization to Post-Postism (and Beyond).’ Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, New Orleans: with Stephen D. Moore, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Kierkegaard, Violence and the Sacred: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Interpretations of the Near Sacrifice of Abraham’s Son.’ American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Montreal (joint meeting of the Kierkegaard, Religion and Culture, and Scriptural/Contextual Ethics sections), (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Effects of Hybridity and Alterity around the Sacrificial Altar: The Sacrifice of Abraham in a Sixteenth Century Nahua (Aztec) Play.’ Biblical Studies Seminar, Kings College London, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Human Sacrifice Between the Old Testament and the “New World”.’ University of Sheffield Faculty of Arts Lecture, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Francisco de Vitoria, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, Bartolome de Las Casas—and Abraham: Human Sacrifice in Sixteenth Century Theological and Legal Debate.’ University of Oxford Sacrifice Colloquium, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Gender, Deconstruction, and Canon.’ University of Oslo, Gender and Canonicity project, (2009)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Haunted by Esau or Why Does the Book of Genesis Keep Shooting Itself in the Foot?’ Annual Meeting of the European Society for Women in Theological Research, University of Winchester, (2009)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Recent research in sociophonetics: Evidence from Scottish English.’ Phonetici Phonologici Dies, Centro di Competenza Lingue, Libera Università di Bolzano, (March 2009)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘The social distribution of clicks.’ workshop on clicks, Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, (October 2009)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Understanding media-influenced language change.’ Research Seminar, Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, (May 2009)



Adam, A.K.M. “The Obscure Convergence of Theological Publishing and Technological Innovation.” Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, (September 2008)

Alexander, Marc. 'The Lobster and the Maid: Scenario-Dependence and Reader Manipulation.' Poetics and Linguistics Association: Time and The Text, Sheffield, (June 2008)

Anderson, Wendy. Workshop on Scottish corpora at the University of Bergamo, (Italy 2008)

Blanton, Ward.  Invited Response as International Participant: Feminism, Cyborgs and Intersectionality: Methods for the Study of the Jesus Movement.  Jesus in Cultural Complexity Project, University of Oslo, (October 2008)

Blanton, Ward. “Incident at Antioch: Performing Paul, Thinking Void in the Political Theater of Alain Badiou.”  Presented to the Gestures-- Religion qua Performance Conference (Future of the Religious Past Series), Utrecht (Netherlands), (June 2008)

Blanton, Ward. “Of Paul and Homo Sacer.”  Presented to the Biblical Studies Seminar, University of Sheffield, (March 2008)

Blanton, Ward. “Criminal Life?  On the Crucified in Galatians.”  Presented to the Biblical Studies Seminar, University of Edinburgh, (February 2008)

Blanton, Ward. “Is There a Scandal in this Text?  Exhibiting an Accursed Messiah in Galatians.”  Presented to the Biblical Studies Seminar, Durham University, (February 2008)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Duelling and the Culture of British Romanticism.’ Streitkultur Conference, Bonn (2008)

Cronin, Richard. International Byron Society Conference, St Andrews (2008)

Cronin, Richard. Visiting lecturer at the annual conference of the Centre for Romanticism, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, (January 2008)

Cronin, Richard. Romantic Historicity Conference, Dublin, (2008)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Emma Stays at Home’ with Dorothy McMillan. Jane Austen Society of Australia, Melbourne (October, 2008)

Maley, Willy. ‘Look Back in Hunger: Ireland in Famine’s Wake, from Munster to The Maze, or from The Faerie Queene to Steve McQueen (via The Famine Queen).’ Leverhulme Lecture as part of project entitled Consumer Culture, Advertising and Literature in Ireland 1848-1921, University of Sunderland, (March 2008)

Maley, Willy. ‘Sleep No More! Macbeth Does Murder Sleep.’ The Lyceum co-production of Macbeth with Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company, as part of Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Henry Irving Room, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, (October 2008)

Maley, Willy. ‘Engels and the History of Ireland, or, The Necessity for De-Engelsising Ireland.’ Reimagining Ireland, the Sixth Annual Irish Studies Conference. The University of Sunderland in association with the North-East Irish Cultural Network (NEICN), Cinema, Media Centre, St Peter’s Campus, University of Sunderland (November 2008)

Maley, Willy. Keynote Roundtable Discussion with Werner Huber (University of Vienna), Paddy Lyons (University of Glasgow), Willy Maley (University of Glasgow), and Jane Moore (University of Cardiff), Reimagining Ireland, the Sixth Annual Irish Studies Conference, The University of Sunderland in association with the North-East Irish Cultural Network (NEICN), Cinema, Media Centre, St Peter’s Campus, University of Sunderland (November 2008)

Methuen, Charlotte. “George Bell and the Making of the Appeal to All Christian People (Lambeth 1920).” The Church of England in the Twentieth Century, University of Cambridge, (September 2008)

Methuen, Charlotte. “‘In the which the pure Word of God is preached and the Sacraments be duly administered’:  The Ecclesiology of the Church of England in the context of the European Reformation.” Annual Conference of Modern Church: Saving the Soul of Anglicanism, (July 2008)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Frauenordination als prophetische Chance für die Ökumene. Anglikanische Perspektiven.” University of Mainz; lecture title, (May 2008)

Pittock, Murray. ‘Nibbling at Adam Smith: a mouse’s sma’ request and the limits of social justice.’ 3rd Glasgow Burns Centre lecture, (February 2008)

Pittock, Murray. ‘”The coward slave, we pass him by”: Burns’s Critique of Enlightenment.’ Iolo Morganwg: Farewell to the Old Sorcerer conference, Canolfan Cheltaidd Aberystwyth, (July 2008)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Informing Poetics: Rhyme Royal, Gender and Soul/Body Hylomorphism in Chaucer’s Religious Tales.” New York University, (2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Julian of Norwich’s Unmediated Vision.” International Anchoritic Society Meeting, Hiroshima, Japan, (September 2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Langland’s Alliterative Meter in the Classroom.” International Medieval Institute Mettings, Kalamazoo, (May 2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Dilatory Julian" Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies Conference, (February 2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Sex and the Soul in Chaucer’s the Merchant’s Tale.” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, (April 2008)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Sex and the Soul in Chaucer’s the Merchant’s Tale’ Arizona State University, (April 2008)

Schmidt, Michael. University of Mississippi, Oxford Mississippi, Faculty lecture, (2008)

Schmidt, Michael. ‘Whitman in Europe.’ National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian, Washington DC, centenary celebrations, (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘A Quarter Century of Interrogating Religion: From Imagining Religion (1982) to Religion: Beyond a Concept (2008).’ North American Association for the Study of Religion Annual Meeting, Boston: panelist for session , chaired by Tomoko Masuzawa (co-panelists Jonathan Z. Smith, Hent de Vries, Winifred Fallers Sullivan, Russell McCutcheon), (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Iconoclash: Works of Sacrifice Between the Hammer and the Knife.’ University of Glasgow Faculty of Arts conference Art, Religion and Identity, (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘On the Genesis of the Alliance between the Bible and Rights’‘Bible and Justice’ conference University of Sheffield, (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Religious Gesture and Performance’ as part of the ongoing research project The Future of the Religious Past: Elements and Forms for the 21st Century, University of Utrecht: respondent to keynote panel (Regina Schwartz and John Bowen), (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Rude Gestures: Abraham’s “Sacrifice” as Theatre.’ as part of the ongoing research project The Future of the Religious Past: Elements and Forms for the 21st Century, University of Utrecht, (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Political Liberalisation of the Bible.’ Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, annual opening lecture, (2008)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Sacrifice and Shoah.’ Biblical Studies Seminar, Copenhagen, (2008)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Language change and the media: The stylistic dimension.’ Language, Discourse and Communications Seminar, Department of Education, King’s College London, (December 2008)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Looking for Gender in Glasgow.’ IGALA5, University of Wellington, NZ, (July 2008)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Television and language change: Evidence from Glasgow.’ Hauptseminar fuer Soziophonetik, Institut fuer Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universitaet Muenchen, (May 2008)


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