2011 - 2010 School of Critical Studies keynote lectures and invited papers


Anderson, Wendy. Corpora Galore: Applications of Digital Corpora in HE Contexts workshop, (Newcastle 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “Secularity, Critique, and the Future of Biblical Studies.” Invited Panel Presentation for the Ideological Criticism section of the Society of Biblical Literature in San Francisco, (November 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “Apparatus and Belief, or, Why Does Giorgio Agamben Read Modes of Attention as Technologies?” Presented to the Subjectivity and Community Workshop with Arne Gron.  University of Glasgow,  (October 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “New Directions in the Social History of Biblical Studies.” Invited lecture for Jesus in a Period of Cultural Complexity Conference, University of Oslo, (October 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “The Biopolitical Séance: Why the End of Sovereignty Conjures Appearances of a Patriarch with a Knife in his Hand.” Plenary address for The Fanatic Conference, University of Lancaster, (September 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “Direct Action and Indirect Politics: of Paul(a) and Deleuze.” Invited lecture for the Political Theatre of Alain Badiou Conference.  Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin, (July 2011)

Blanton, Ward. “Hushed Refrains in the Invention of a Philosophy of Difference: Cinematograph and the West’s Mistaken Apostle.” Invited Paper for the Fourth International Deleuze Studies Conference (Creation Crisis Critique), Copenhagen, (June 2011)

Blanton, Ward. Invited Discussant for the Future of Blasphemy Seminar.  Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin, (January 2011)

Carruthers, Gerard. ‘The Unspeakable Scot: The Image of the Scot in the Media.’ St. Andrews and Caledonian Society Special 125th Anniversary Event, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, (30 November 2011)

Carruthers, Gerard. 'Picking up some New Threads in the "Highland Mary" Legend.’ Atlanta Burns Club, Georgia, USA, (2 November 2011)

Carruthers, Gerard. ‘The Dangerous Life of a Burns Scholar.’ University of Wyoming, USA, (20 October 2011)

Carruthers, Gerard. ‘Robert Burns & the People.’ Brigham Young University, Utah, USA, (7 October 2011)

Clague, Julie. ‘Catholic Identity and the Lay Apostolate: From Catholic Action to the Social and Political Activities of Catholics.’ expert seminar on Catholic Social Teaching and the Movements, Catholic University of Leuven, (October 2011)

Clague, Julie. ‘Faith in the Face of Secularism.’ conference of the Catholic Theological Society of Southern Africa, St Augustine College, Johannesburg, South Africa, (August 2011)

Clague, Julie. ‘Popes and Prophylactics: Catholic Moral Reasoning and HIV Prevention.’ University of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, (March 2011)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Jane Austen Enters the Marketplace: A Bicentenary Celebration.’ University of Aberdeen, (March 2011)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Jane Austen’s Entrée.’ Chawton House, for an event to celebrate the bicentenary of Sense and Sensibility, (September 2011)

Grant, Robert. ‘Music, Metaphor and Society: Some Thoughts on Scruton’s Aesthetics of Music.’ Royal Institute of Philosophy. UCL, (February 2011)

Hough, Carole. ‘New approaches to personal name studies in Scotland.’ Facts and Findings on Personal Names – Some European Examples: a symposium held in honour of Ivar Modéer (1904–1960), Uppsala, October 2011 (invited paper, funded by The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Uppsala)

Jenkins, Alice. ‘Induction, Deduction, and Storytelling.’ Science in Fiction, Paris, (October 2011)

Jenkins, Alice. Literature and Mathematics in the Long Nineteenth-Century, University of Glasgow, (May 2011)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Deep-read in Hell’s Black Grammar: ‘Tam o’Shanter’ and Antiquarian Irony.’ Annual Burns lecture, Seamus Heaney Poetry Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast, (25th Jan, 2011)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Oh and alas-a-day’: Wordsworth and Scottish Song.’ Romantic Adaptations Conference, St Mary’s University College Twickenham, (25th-26th March, 2011)

Leask, Nigel. ‘‘To see oursels as others see us’: How did Burns reads Adam Smith?’ Annual Stephen Copley Lecture, Centre for 18th Century Studies, University of York, (18th Oct 2011)

Maley, Willy. ‘“Far Distant, Far Distant”: Scottish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.’ 32nd Annual Conference of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS), Wolfson Hall/Kelvin Conference Centre, West of Scotland Science Park, University of Glasgow & University of the West of Scotland, (September 2011)

Maley, Willy. ‘Martin McDonagh’s Celtic Tiger Feet: Trading on the Twisted Legacies of Irish Drama.’ Barriers and Borderlands, 9th Annual Irish Studies Conference of The North East Irish Culture Network (NEICN) in Association with the Scottish Irish Network (SIN) and the Leverhulme Trust, Forster Building, University of Sunderland, (November 2011)

Maley, Willy. ‘Tall Tales and Stilettos: Muriel Spark’s Short Stories.’ Muriel Spark Society Annual Lecture, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, (November 2011)

Maslen, Rob. ‘Towards a Fantastic History of the Twentieth Century.’ 6th International IDEA Conference: Studies in English. Istanbul Kültür University, (April 2011)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Translating the Bible in the Reformation: The Historical and Theological Context of the King’s James Bible.” Celebrating the King James Bible 1611– 2011:  A Conference to Celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Diocese of Edinburgh of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Church, Haddington, (February 2011)

Pittock, Murray. ‘The Gaidhealtachd, Then and Now: Questions and Problems.’ Somhairle MacGill-Eain Centenary Conference, UHI, (June 2011)

Pittock, Murray. ‘Robert Burns.’ Commemorating Writers in Europe, Utrecht, (December 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘Scottish Literature and Anglo-American Modernity: What Makes It New?’ (plenary at Literature and the Long Modernity Conference), University of Bucharest, (November 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘Liberty and Scottish Literature.’ (Fete du Livre (Book Festival) de St Etienne, France and The roots and fruits of contemporary Scotland: literature and society conference), Le Cierec-Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne Lyon IV [Société Francaise d'études écossaises, in association with Glasgow University and Kingston University (London)], (13 October 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘Why Study Scottish Literature?’ (Studying Scotland symposium organised by Education Scotland), Glasgow, (30 August 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry’, Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘The Waterfall and the Shore Road: Image, Participation and the Pictorial in two poems by Norman MacCaig.’ National University of Singapore, (9 March 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘The Polar Twins: Scottish History versus Scottish Literature in the Study of the Diaspora.’ (with Professor Edward J. Cowan), Otago Settlers Museum, (1 March 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘Modern Scottish Poetry and Paintings: Arts of Resistance.’ University of Otago, New Zealand, (28 February 2011)

Riach, Alan. ‘The Unhealing Wound: Violence, Tenderness and the Epiphany of Participation in the Internationalisation of Scottish Literature.’ University of Otago, New Zealand, (24 February 2011)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Women, War and The Transfer of Culture and Empire.” Gender and Medieval Studies, Swansea, (January 2011)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Chaucer’s Innovative use of Rhyme Royal.” New Directions in Medieval Manuscript Studies in Honour of Derek Pearsall’s Eightieth Birthday, London, (October 2011)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Parliamentary Polyphonic Song in the Parliament of Fowles.” Medieval Song Network, London, (September 2011)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Informing Poetics: Rhyme Royal and Gender and Aristotelian Hylomorphism in Chaucer’s Second Nun’s Tale and the Prioress’s Tale.” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, (July 2011)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Noli me Tangere:  The Enigma of Touch in Medieval English Religious Literature and Art.” Cambridge University Medieval Colloquium (2011)

Schmidt, Michael. Ford Madox Ford Conference, (2011)

Schmidt, Michael. University of Belfast British and Irish Contemporary Poetry Conference, (2011)

Schmidt, Michael. University of Oxford, Rothermere Institute, Oxford Seminar on American Poetry, (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Hospitable Text: New Approaches to Religion and Literature.’ ‘The Bible and the Iconography of Democracy.’ London Notre Dame Centre, (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Genealogies and Effects of the Fanatic.’ Fanaticism’ Symposium, University of Lancaster, Department of English and Creative Writing: (with Ward Blanton), (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Paradoxical Descriptions of Religion in Anti-Discrimination Legislation in England and Wales.’ Law and Religion Network, Cardiff, (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Blasphemy and the Pieties of Tolerance: The “Secularisation” (?) of Reverence as Respect.’ Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin, (2011)
Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum.’ University of Sheffield (May) ‘Ceçi n’est pas une Bible/This is Not a Bible’, (2011)
Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Bible in the Seventeenth Century: The Authorized Version Quatercentenary.’ Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of York (July): ‘Early Modern Davids: Producing Effects of “Secularization”’ (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting, London, ‘The Bible and Empire’ (July): ‘Biblicisation without Templates, or Accidents of the Biblical in Sixteenth Century Mesoamerica’ (2012)
Sherwood, Yvonne. Pomona Liberal Arts College, California; Hartog Symposium: ‘Francisco de Vitoria’s More Excellent Way: How the Bible of Empire Discovered the Tricks of [the Argument from] Trade’ (2011)
Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Biblical Studies and the Modern Invention of “Religion”.’ Bible and Cultural Studies’, Program Highlight, American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Francisco, (2011)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Velvet Bibles/Glorious Revolutions.’ The Use, Impact and Influence of the Bible section, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Francisco, (2011)

Smith, Jennifer. Penn Linguistics Colloquium 35, University of Pennsylvania, (March 2011)

Smith, Jeremy. 'Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics.' University of Osaka, Japan, August 2011: “Periods, Commas and Colons: Insights from the Stavanger-Glasgow Corpus of Middle English Texts” (funded Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Smith, Jeremy. 'The Language of Maps.' Bodleian Library, Oxford, June 2011: “The Gough Map and the History of English” (funded AHRC)

Smith, Jeremy. Organised and convened three international workshops, sponsored by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, on the topic of Textual Afterlives: Glasgow (February 2011), Belfast (April 2011), Dublin (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘He’s fae Walford, Ah’m from Glasgow: Phonological variation and change and Factor X/the television.’ UKLVC10, Edge Hill, (September 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Working with sociophonetic data: A case study from Scottish English.’ Problems and Possibilities in Sociophonetics, University of Sheffield, (March 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Variation and change in Scottish English and the influence of the media.’ Joint Association of College English Teachers Meeting, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Lessons we can learn from sociophonetics: the case of postvocalic /r/ in Scottish English.’ Phonetics and Phonology research group, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Theory, method and practice: exploring the relationship between spoken language in the media and speech change in society.’ Japan Dialect Levelling Project Meeting, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tachikawa, Tokyo, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Perspectives on sociophonetics: data from Scottish English: Part i: speech variation and social meaning; Part ii: experiencing speech without social interaction.’ Graduate Linguistics seminar International Christian University, Mitaka, Tokyo, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘What does watching television have to do with language change? Some recent evidence from Glasgow, Scotland.’ Phonetics and Phonology seminar, Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Does watching TV alter the way you speak? Empirical evidence from an urban dialect.’ Research Colloquium: National Institute of Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tachikawa/Tokyo, (December 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Sound change and the influence of the television.’ Stanford, Linguistics Seminar, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘An experimental investigation of responding to speech with or without interaction.’ Stanford, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘The fate of postvocalic /r/ in Scottish English: the story so far.’ Sociolinguistics Lunch, Stanford, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘The fate of postvocalic /r/ in Scottish English: the story so far.’ Phonology Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Sound change and the influence of the television.’ Distinguished Visiting Speaker, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Individuals, language change and television.’ Changelings – Historical Linguistics Seminar, Ohio State University, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘To interact or not to interact?’ So mean – Sociolinguistics Seminar, Ohio State University, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Considering the development of the PIE voiced aspirates in Italic.’ Comparative Slavonic Class, Ohio State University, (May 2011)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘The rhotic-derhotic continuum in Scottish English: Recent sociophonetic data from the Central Belt.’ General Linguistics Seminar, University of Oxford, (March 2011)



Adam, A.K.M. “Homo Connectivus: The Effect of the Internet on Our Perception and Experience of Being Human.” Christian New Media Awards Conference/A Theological Refraction on the Internet, London/Durham, (October 2010)

Alexander, Marc. 'Conceptual Metaphor and Physical Sensibility in the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary' (with christian Kay). 3rd UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference, University of Hertfordshire, (July 2010)

Alexander, Marc. ‘My body part verbed’ Agency, corpora, Enroller, and the Historical Thesaurus of the OED.' Poetics and Linguistics Association: The Language of Landscapes, Genoa, (July 2010)

Alexander, Marc. 'Colour in the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary' (with christian Kay). International Conference for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology, St Anne's College, University of Oxford, (18 June 2010)

Alexander, Marc. 'The Word-Hoard of English and the Historical Thesaurus.' Radboud University Nijmegen, (May 2010)

Alexander, Marc. 'Fizzing', 'eximious', and 'all wool and a yard wide': conceptual search across integrated resources.' Text-mining in the Digital Humanities: The Interface between Conceptual History, Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics, (May 2010)

Alexander, Marc. 'Expressions of Civilization and Colonization in the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary' (with Dr Andrew Struan). The Modern History of the British Abroad, Newcastle University, (April 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “The Invention of Biblical Studies as a Modern Enterprise: the Case of the ‘Critical.’”  Presented to the Redescribing Early Christianity Section of the Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, (November 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Refusals of/in Sexuality: Reflections on Pasolini’s Paul and the Political Afterlives of Paulinism.” Presented to the Gender, Sexuality, and the Bible Group of the Society of Biblical Literature.  Atlanta, (November 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Reading Paul ‘between Athens and Jerusalem’ between Glasgow and Beijing.”  Presented to the Robertson Seminar of the Glasgow-Beijing Group, Political Afterlives of Paul and Abraham: New Hermeneutical Conversations Between East and West.  Glasgow, (November 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “A Materialism for the Masses? Rethinking Paul and Radical Philosophy.”  Invited lecture, Religion and Political Thought Conference at University of Copenhagen, (September 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Toward a Social History of the New Perspective on Paul.”  Presented to the Social History of Biblical Studies Section of the European Association of Biblical Studies.  Tartu, Estonia, (July 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Apocalyptic Ungrounding of Critique: Philosophical Readings of Paul and the Aleatory Materialism of Louis Althusser.”  Presented to the conference, The Theological Turn: Scripture and Contemporary Philosophy.  Jerusalem, Israel, (May 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “The Theologico-Postal History of the West: Rethinking Witness, Reporting and Truth.” Presented to the Reporting Religion Conference at the Centre for Freedom of Media.  University of Sheffield, (March 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Paul Against the Political Theologians?  Reflections on Nominalism, Paulinism, and the Return of Paul as Guarantor of Materialist Subjectivity.”  Presented to Religion and Public Life: a Colloquium.  University of Glasgow, (March 2010)

Blanton, Ward. “Apocalyptic Nothings: Paul with Louis Althusser and Stanislas Breton on the Ground of Cultural Critique.”  Presented at the conference, The Ambiguity of the Sacred: Phenomenological Approaches to the Constitution of Community in Religion, Politics and Aesthetics.  Södertörn University College, Stockholm, (February 2010)

Clague, Julie. ‘The future of Catholic theological ethics: gender.’ at the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church conference Trento, Italy, (July 2010)

Clague, Julie. ‘Christian social engagement: forms and basic principles.’ 4th European Social Week, Bad Honnef Germany, (April 2010)

Clague, Julie. CAFOD ‘Leading for a Change’ youth conference on Catholic social teaching, St John’s College, Oxford, (March 2010)

Clague, Julie. ‘Religious Conscience in a Secular Polity’, ‘Renewing the Catholic Social Conscience’ international conference, Las Casas Institute, Blackfriars Oxford, (March 2010)

Cronin, Richard.  Cultural Memory Conference, Budapest, 2010

Cronin, Richard. Das Duell vom Mittelalter bis zur Moderne, Bielefeld, (April 2010)

Cronin, Richard. The inaugural lecture in the 2010-11 lecture series on the Regency. Keats House, Hampstead, (September 2010)

Emmott, Catherine. International Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), Genoa, Italy (2010)

Emmott, Catherine. “What’s in a text?” (IPLC), Lublin, Poland (2010)

Ferguson, Christine. “Heaven Revised: Victorian Spiritualism and the Making of an Aestheticist Afterlife.” Nature and the Long Nineteenth Century Conference. University of Edinburgh, (February 2010)

Gillespie, Stuart. ‘The Oxford History of Literary Translation: An Update and a Retrospective.’ Translation, History, Literary Culture conference, University of Iceland, (June 2010)

Hough, Carole. ‘The earliest English Texts? the language of the Kentish laws reconsidered.’ Textus Roffensis: Law, Language, and History in Early Medieval England, Medway, (July 2010)

Hough, Carole. ‘Women in place-names.’ Perceptions of Place: English Place-Name Study & Regional Variety, Nottingham, (June 2010)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Nationalism and Transnationalism in British Romantic Studies’, at Diversification and its Discontents Conference, Czech Society for the Study of English, (ESSE) Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, (5th Feb, 2010)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Travelling Theory: Alexander von Humboldt, Charles Darwin, and British Travel Writing 1814-1845.’ at Correspondence: Travel, Writing, and Literatures or Exploration, 1750-1850, Edinburgh University Institute of Geography, National Library of Scotland, (April 2010)

Leask, Nigel. ‘To canter with the Sagitarre’: Burns, Byron and the Equestrian Sublime.’ Burns and Byron in Scottish, British, and European Romanticism, The Byron Centre, University of Manchester, (December 2010)

Maley, Willy. ‘Edinburgh Go Bragh: Connolly’s Celtic Connections.’ ‘Kilt by Kelt Shell Kithagain with Kinagain’: Celtic Connections/Ireland and Scotland, Eighth Annual Irish Studies Conference organised by The University of Sunderland Faculty of Education and Society in association with the North East Irish Culture Network (NEICN), Forster Building, University of Sunderland, (November 2010)

Pittock, Murray. ‘What is a National Culture ?’ Ministry of Education Guest Lecture,  Charles University, Prague, (March 2010)  

Pittock, Murray. ‘Treacherous Objects.’ Jacobites and anti-Jacobites, Jacobite Studies Trust Conference, University of Strathclyde, (June 2010)

Pittock, Murray. ‘What is a National Culture ?’ Opening Plenary, Recycling Myths, Inventing Nations conference, Gregynog, University of Wales Conference Centre, (July 2010)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2010)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Formal/Formel Subjectivity in Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowles.” University of Edinburgh, (October 2010)

Schmidt, Michael. Athenaeum, London: Lecture on Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop, (2010)

Schmidt, Michael. New Clear Forms, (2010)

Schmidt, Michael. Symbiosis Conference, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Changing Shape of Critique in Biblical Studies.’ European Association of Biblical Studies, Tartu, Estonia invited paper, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Fractures and Fissures of Sacrifice, or The Sacrifice that Therefore I am.’ Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Atlanta, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Between Athens and Jerusalem and Glasgow and Beijing’ symposium, University of Glasgow, ‘Spectres of Abraham, Shadows of Paul’, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Theological Turn: Scripture and Contemporary Philosophy.’ Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Tel Aviv at the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, (2010)
Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Persistence of Blasphemy: The Bible as a Public Edifice in the Secular State.’ Society for Old Testament Study Summer Meeting, University of Sheffield, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Traces of Judaism in Contemporary Thought.’ Organized by the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, held in Krakow, (2010)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Persistence of Blasphemy: The Bible as a Public Edifice in the Secular State.’ Religion and Political Thought network, Copenhagen, (2010)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Derhoticisation in Scottish English – the story so far’, Sociophonetics – at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication, Scuola Normale Superiore, University of Pisa, (December 2010)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘News from the North: Some sociophonetic data from Scottish English and their implications for phonology.’ PAC Workshop, Montpellier, (September 2010)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Detail and abstraction in sociophonology: Some data from Scottish English.’ 18th Manchester Phonology Meeting, (May 2010)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Style, stance, sound change and the media.’ LANCHART Centre, University of Copenhagen, (January 2010)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Style and stance and the influence of television on sound change.’ Edinburgh Linguistic Circle, University of Edinburgh, (January 2010)


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