2013 - 2012 School of Critical Studies keynote lectures and invited papers


Ferguson, Christine "Other Worlds: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Cross-Cultures of Spiritualism" Capstone Lecture, Alfred Russel Wallace: More than Natural Selection Lecture Series, University of Alberta, October 30, 2013

Jenkins, Alice. ‘Geometry and the Victorian Imagination.’ British Society for the History of Mathematics, Oxford, (June 2013)

Jenkins, Alice. ‘Was there a ‘common context’ for Victorian literature and mathematics?’ British Association for Victorian Studies, Royal Holloway

Kolocotroni, Vassiliki. Greece and Britain in Women’s Literary Imagination (1914-2012), Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, (April 2013)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Rhyme Royal and Gender in Chaucer.” Salford, Manchester

Smith, Jennifer. ICLaVE 7, 7th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe, (June 2013)

Stuart-Smith, Jane  ‘Socio-indexical factors in sound change actuation: Discussant’, Workshop on Sound Change Actuation, University of Chicago, 17-18 April 2013.

Stuart-Smith, Jane  ‘Human communication – or not? Experiencing speech without the possibility for interaction’, Human dialectology and animal communication, GIPSA, Grenoble, 4-6 March 2013.



Alexander, Marc. 'Patchworks and Field- Boundaries: Visualizing the History of English.' Digital Humanities 2012, University of Hamburg, (18 July 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Paul and the Invisible Committee.” Presented to the Theology and Treason Conference, University of Newcastle, Australia, (October 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Diagrams of the Juridical Machine to Separate Terror from Emancipation: Modern Receptions of Abraham and Paul.”  Presented to the Terrorism and Literary Imagination Conference, Uppsala University, Sweden, (September 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Paul and Ancient Epicureans and Cynics.” Presented to the the Ancient Philosophical Commentary on Paul Project, University of Gröningen, Netherlands,  (August 27 – September 1, 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Critical Geographies and Historical Jesus Research.” Presented to the European Association of Biblical Scholars and the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.  Amsterdam, Netherlands, (July 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Utopianism, Negativity, and the Violence of Subtraction: Response to Matthias Martinson.”  Presented to Jewish Thought: Utopia and Revolution Conference at European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania, (June 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Internationalism and Genealogies of Biblical Law and Sacrifice.” Presented to the 2012 International Studies Association Conference.  University of Edinburgh, (June 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “The Territorial Dimensions of the New Perspective on Paul: W. D. Davies’ Discussions of Biblical Land” Presented to the Bible, Zionism and Palestine Conference.  University of Sheffield, (May 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Liberation and the Surplus of Enjoyment: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Cinematic Saint Paul.”  Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, (May 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Emancipation: New Directions in the Paulinisms of Radical Philosophy.”  Presented to the Centre for Liberation Theologies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, (May 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Anxieties of Territory and Language: Gershom Scholem and W. D. Davies.” Presented to Messianism and Prophecy: Figures of Twentieth-Century Thought Seminar, University of Chicago, (May 2012)

Blanton, Ward. “Spiritual Exercises, or, Biopolitical Bodies: Paul Among the New Materialists.”  Sundet Chair Lecture at the University of Minnesota, (January 2012)

Brown, Rhona. Robert Burns Birthplace Museum’s first ‘Peck o’ Maut’ festival in March 2012. And will speak as part of its Sunday talks series in June 2012

Carruthers, Gerard. 'Britain's Paradox: Scottish Romanticism.' Oxford Brookes University, (23 March 2012)

Carruthers, Gerard. 'Ulster Scots & Scots Poetry: Varieties of Possibility.' Out of the Archive: re-evalutations of Ulster-Scots Poetry for the 21st Century. University of Ulster, (9th March 2012)

Carruthers, Gerard. 'The Mitchell Burns Collection: The Best in the World?' Mitchell Library, Glasgow, (February 2012)

Carruthers, Gerard. 'Academics, Enthusiasts & Fraudsters.' Department of English, University of Cardiff, (21 February 2012)

Clague, Julie. Where We Dwell in Common ecumenical conference, Assisi, (April 2012)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Words of Love: Romanticism and the Erotics of Language.’ Wordsworth Summer School, Grasmere (2012)

Cronin, Richard. ‘Lear’s Parrots: classification and the art of nonsense.’ Edward Lear Conference, Jesus College, Oxford, (September 2012)

Emmott, Catherine. 'Bridging stylistics and psychology: The empirical study of rhetorical processing.' International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media, Montréal, (July 2012)

Emmott, Catherine. Discourse Analysis Colloquium (10 lectures). Lyon, France (March 2012)

Ferguson, Christine. “Beyond Suspicion: Neo-Victorianism and the Anti-Hermeneutic Turn in Tom Phillips’ A Humument.” Neo-Victorian Networks: Epistemologies, Aesthetics, and Ethics. University of Amsterdam, (June 2012)

Gillespie, Stuart. ‘Responding to Lucretius.’ Faculty of Classics, University of Granada, (May 2012)

Leask, Nigel. ‘Writing myself out’: Robert Burns’s Manuscript Books and the 18th Century Commonplace Book Tradition.’ W. Ormiston Roy Memorial Lecture at Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS) Conference ‘Media and Mediation in 18th Century Scotland’, University of South Carolina, Columbia, (13th April, 2012)

McCue, Kirsteen. James Hogg’s Songs: Caledonian Club, London (28 March 2012)

McCue, Kirsteen. Glasgow Lord Provost’s Burns Supper (27 January 2012)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Preaching and the shaping of  Public Consciousness in late sixteenth-century Tübingen.” International Conference of the McGill Centre for Research on Religion: Paul’s Cross and the Culture of Persuasion in England 1520-1640, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, (August 2012)

Methuen, Charlotte. “‘I, who knew that I was privileged to converse with the Lord…’:  Christian women and religious authority in third-century North Africa.” Annual Conference of Modern Church: By whose authority? An interfaith look at women and religious authority, (July 2012)

Methuen, Charlotte. “Trusting in science or in God?” Edinburgh Science Festival, (April 2012)

Randall, Bryony. ‘What time is “The Next Time”? Writing, gender and temporality in some short stories by Henry James.’ Time & Temporalities: American Literature Symposium, University of Cambridge, (May 2012)

Riach, Alan. ‘Scottish Literature International’ (with Professor Ian Brown). Jadavpur University, Kolkata, (January 2012)

Riach, Alan. ‘Hugh MacDiarmid and Modern Scottish poetry.’ Scottish Universities International Summer School, (Edinburgh University, 2012)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Time, Class, Gender and Space in Rhyme Royal Romances.“ Medieval Institute Meetings, Kalamazoo, (2012)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Noli me Tangere:  The Enigma of Touch in Medieval English Religious Literature and Art.” Oxford University Medieval Colloquium, (2012)

Robertson, Elizabeth. “Chaucer’s Vivid Daisies.” New Chaucer Society, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The conceptual fuzziness of “religion” in anti-discrimination legislation as an example of the paradoxical translations of “religion” in the public domain.’ New Forms of Public Religion (AHRC/ESRC) Cambridge University, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Towards a Global History of Biopolitics.’ British International Studies Association/International Studies Association, University of Edinburgh, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. “The true faith? A cosmopolitan project in the early Enlightenment. Tracing Grotius’s De veritate’: ‘Sacrifice and Accommodation in De Veritate.’ University of Potsdam, Centre for Early Modern Studies conference, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Genealogies of the secular.’ Berlin, Secularisation Symposium, ‘Rechtskulturen: Confrontations Beyond Comparison, Berlin Research Network Recht im Kontext’, hosted by the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and Humboldt University's Faculty of Law, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Messianism and Prophecy: Figures of Twentieth Century Thought’, sponsored by the Bosch Foundation, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in German Literature and Culture, and the Department of German Studies, University of Chicago,  (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Abrahamic/Hagaramic, or Abraham the non-European.’ University of Warwick, Department of English Literature/Inaugural lecture for the Centre for the Study of Religion and Literature, (2012)
Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘The Reception of The Encyclopaedia of the Bible and its Reception.’ European Association of Biblical Studies/International Society of Biblical Literature International meeting, Amsterdam: Panellist, (2012)

Sherwood, Yvonne. ‘Eschatology, Economy, Violence.’ University of Lancaster, (2012)

Smith, Jennifer. City University of New York Graduate Centre, Visiting Speakers Colloquium, (March 2012)

Strachan, Zoe. Write Now Conference, Mitchell Library, Glasgow, (March 2012)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Ejectives and social factors.’ Phonetics of non-pulmonic sounds, (October 2012)

Stuart-Smith, Jane. ‘Sounds without borders/Sons sans frontiers: exploring sociophonetic variation in Scottish English.’ Colloque International de Jeunes Chercheurs en Linguistique/International Conference of Young Researchers in Linguistics, University of Strasbourg France, (June 2012)

Van Heijnsbergen, Theo. Address at University of Bergen’s Centre for Medieval Studies conference on The Writing and Representation of War in Writing in Europe in Norway on 7 and 8 September, as a 'respondent' to a paper on Scottish national historiography


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