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GPs at the Deep End manifesto 
Deep End Project end of year report (Apr 2021–Mar 2022) 
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Deep End reports 2022

Deep End reports 2021

  • REPORT 38 Climate change and health inequalities (Nov 2021)
    Summary | Full report
  • REPORT 37 COVID-19 vaccine deployment for marginalised groups in Scotland (Apr 2021)
    Summary | Full report

Deep End reports 2020

Deep End reports 2019

Deep End reports 2018

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Deep End reports 2016

Deep End reports 2015

  • REPORT 27 Improving partnership working between general practices and financial advice services in Glasgow: one year on (Dec 2015)
    SummaryFull report

Deep End reports 2014

  • REPORT 26 Generalist and specialist views of mental health issues in very deprived areas (Dec 2014)
    Summary | Full report
  • REPORT 25 Strengthening primary care partnership responses to the welfare reforms (Nov 2014)
    Summary | Full report
  • REPORT 24 What are the CPD needs of GPs working in Deep End practices? (Jun 2014)
    Summary | Full report
  • REPORT 23 The contribution of general practice to improving the health of vulnerable children and families (Jun 2014)
    Summary | Full report
  • REPORT 22 Mental health issues in the Deep End (Apr 2014)
    Summary | Full report

Deep End reports 2013

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Deep End reports 2011

Deep End reports 2010

Deep End reports 2009

  • REPORT 1 General practitioners at the deep end (Sep 2009) 
    Full report

The collated reports are also available in the Connecting with General Practice to Improve Public Health report of the Primary Care Observatory and Deep End Projects, Glasgow Centre for Population Health 2011 which can be downloaded at


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