Student Experiences

‌Applied Neuropsychology / Clinical Neuropsychology

This course (PgDip/MSc) is without doubt the best single academic course I have ever done. I would (and have) recommend this course to any of my clinical psychology colleagues either as a standalone CPD module or the whole Pg/Dip/MSc package. Thank you.

Overall I would rate the course as excellent.  It influenced my clinical practice on multiple levels.  I am a more confident clinician because of the knowledge I acquired.  I enjoyed the lectures delivered by specialists in the field and always go back to clinical practice work with renewed enthusiasm and curiosity for neuropsychology.

The knowledge and understanding I have acquired from the course have transformed me as a clinical psychologist and the impact on my work and practice is profound.

‌BSc (MedSci) Clinical Medicine - Psychological Medicine

Psychological Medicine brings together neuroscience, psychology and clinical psychiatry within an integrated and intellectually challenging BSc programme.  The course provides a range of excellent training experiences for medical undergraduates who have an interest in understanding the biology and psychology of human development and behaviour.  A solid understanding of the causes and treatment of mental health problems is essential for all doctors, not least because physical and psychiatric disorders rarely occur in isolation.  This course builds on the excellent research opportunities offered by the School of Health and Wellbeing (including work on depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis and population mental health) and students with an interest in psychiatry as a career will be supported with additional mentorship opportunities.  Previous Psychological Medicine BSc graduates have presented their work at international conferences and have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

"We are 2 students who had the fantastic opportunity to do the psychological medicine intercalated degree after year 3 of our medical degrees at the University of Glasgow.  In addition to studying research methodology and statistics during this year, we spent two days a week having tutorials about a variety of topics related to psychology and psychiatry at the School of Health and Wellbeing.  These tutorials covered a wide range of topics, everything from child development to old age psychiatry.  The topics were approached and analysed from various angles in an interactive and intellectually challenging environment.  Furthermore, this degree gave us the opportunity to comprehensively understand research methodology and do our own research as part of a bachelor thesis.  We made new friends and developed constructive and edifying relationships with our supervisors, mentors and tutors.

The psychological medicine intercalated degree provided an unique insight into psychology, clinical psychiatry and neuroscience that we would not have experienced as part of the standard medical degree.  Furthermore, it involved us thinking critically about topics, while synthesising evidence to come to balanced discursive answers to complex questions.  The knowledge and understanding of psychologic concepts and psychiatric conditions that we obtained during this year will most definitely help us better understand and engage patients in future clinical practice, be it in psychiatry or any other medical speciality"  - Ance Kreslins and Lynsey Carthew.

Clinical Psychology  DClinPsy 

The course exceeded my hopes for clinical training in pretty much every way.  My placements were well supported for my needs and interests, the lectures were consistently engaging (and of excellent quality), the research training was supportive and thorough and staff were warm and helpful.  I feel confident that my training experiences equip me very well as a newly qualified psychologist and I would recommend the course to anyone seeking a career in this area.

‌MSc in Global Mental Health

"My main inspiration for choosing this programme came during my study abroad year as an undergraduate here at the University of Glasgow.  I spent a year in New Zealand throughout where I met people from all over the world as well as travelling to neighbouring countries.  I enjoyed the different cultures and when I heard of this course I thought it would be a great way to combine cultural differences with a practical knowledge of mental health and service use.

I have loved this course, it's been a great chance to get to know mental health practitioners throughout the world.  It's allowed me to understand the complexities of scaling up services in a developing context.  I have also enjoyed the close and confidential atmosphere of the class group in which were were able to debate and discuss the course topics openly.  In the long term, I may possibly go on to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist, and would hope to end up working in a global organisation helping develop and supply mental health services to the hard to reach areas of the globe".  - Niamh McGlinchey

"I chose to study this programme because it was the only place in Scotland running this type of course.  I wanted to continue to develop my interest in psychology and in particular mental health.  I want to help people by addressing inequalities and practical application of theory.  We have been privileged to have so many of the speakers on the course give such inspiring talks.  The breadth of material is wide-ranging and covers many aspects of mental health.  We get the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of other organisations and professionals.  The teaching staff are very supportive and it's great to meet other students from different countries".  -  Mhairi McDonald