New article on the Vindolanda Vessel

Published: 13 April 2023

Congratulations to Dr Louisa Campbell on the publication of her latest article!

Dr Louisa Campbell has published a new article presenting the results of her recent analysis of a unique enamel-painted Roman glass from Vindolanda fort, entitled "The Vindolanda Vessel: pXRF and Microphotography of an Enamel-Painted Roman Gladiator Glass". 

This vanguard research has successfully established, for the first time, a palette of pigments associated with this specialist technique. It is now possible to unravel previously unknown information on complex manufacturing processes and significantly expand the repertoire of the pigments bound up in enamelling recipes used to depict the striking iconographic

scenes on the Vindolanda vessel and, potentially, other Roman enamelled glassware. The detection of Cinnabar, Egyptian blue, Orpiment and other pigments are ground-breaking discoveries that will have a transformative impact on early glassmaking studies and push the boundaries of scholarship into new directions of analytical approaches in heritage materials science. The research provides remarkable insights that will revolutionise our understanding of enamelling technologies using the Vindolanda vessel as the investigative platform for forgotten practice. 

Vindolanda vessel

First published: 13 April 2023