Travels arrangements and conference registration

All travel and accommmodation must now be booked via the University Travel Hub.


To book travel and accommodation

The Travel Hub enables self-booking of flights, accommodation, and rail travel, and also has the advantage of instant booking confirmations and eliminating the need to raise a Purchase Order. The online booking tool is simple to use and the quickest way for you to book travel.

new travel hub June 2022

  • The Travel Hub is for travellers to book their travel directly (colleagues and PGR students). If you prefer to self-book travel, the Hub is very intuitive and easy to use, like Expedia or other travel search engines! You will find a range of online support and FAQs in the Travel Hub.
  • It is also for those who arrange travel on behalf of other colleagues, students, or guests.
  • If you are not sure which sub-project number you should use, please contact 
  • Bookings through Airbnb are not allowed.

Hotel bookings in Glasgow

We have corporate rates with a number of hotels in the area which can be booked for guests who are visiting the University.  A list of these hotels can be found here:

Car hire in Glasgow

Arnold Clark should be used if you require car hire which will start and end in Glasgow.

Please send details of the car hire and the project code which should be used to and the order will be placed for you. Please note, you may be required to visit the Finance/HR/Research office with your driving licence, where a copy will be taken for Arnold Clark’s records. 

A DVLA code is now required for all car hire bookings. This can be found at  It is your responsibility to email this to prior to the booking.  The booking may be cancelled without this.

If you require car hire outwith Glasgow, please make sure you book it via - please note it is **not** an expense you can claim back via the expenses procedure!

University Transport Services: information on mini-bus hire and external vehicles hires

Coach hire

Please contact who can help you get quotes.


Allander Travel

Please send details of the trip including anticipated numbers for the booking to Allander Travel, who will provide a quote.  When the quote is received, please forward this along with the project number to where an order will be raised for you.

It is advisable to contact Allander Travel prior to the booking to obtain the driver’s details in case you need to contact him/her.

Travel insurance (for members of staff and PGRs on University-related business)

It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that they are covered by the University travel insurance for the duration of their trip. Please note, personal holidays are not covered.

The travel insurance online form can be managed by logging in using your GUID via the following link -

Visitor bookings/expenses claims

The School of Humanities normally doesn’t book travel for visitors to the University. The normal protocol is for visitors to make their own travel arrangement and to them claim back from the University.

We only book the accommodation when the visitors are going to stay in Glasgow.

Visitors can be booked into one of the hotels we have an agreed corporate rate with.  If they choose to stay at a different hotel, they can do this and claim back through sundry payee (UK residents) or sundry foreign payment (non-UK residents) forms - available from

Conference registration

Please note that payment of conference registration fees can only be made using a University purchasing card (you cannot claim them back using the staff expenses process!

Please email details of the conference along with the project code to  It’s helpful to have a login which can be passed on if the registration might be lengthy – you can change the password thereafter.  Sometimes it’s easier to visit the office and sit with Isabel or Ross while they register you for the conference, so you can confirm the necessary options.