Legal history is never insular but allows wide engagement across borders and disciplines.  Legal historians in Glasgow are involved in many scholarly, editorial and professional enterprises. Click the titles below for further information.

George Craig, baron bailie of Galashiels

John Finlay, PI

These online pages are part of project in conjunction with Scottish Borders Archives, examining the life of George Craig (1783-1843) through his letterbooks.

Glossae: European Journal of Legal History

John Finlay, International Advisory Board

A periodical published annually by the Institute for Social, Political and Legal Studies in Valencia, Spain. In Spanish and English.

Handbuch des römischen Privatrechts

Ernest Metzger, Contributor

An exhaustive reference book on Roman law, taking account of process and documentary evidence.  To be published by Mohr Siebeck.

IusCivile.com: Roman Law Resources

Ernest Metzger, Editor

A comprehensive internet portal for the study of Roman law, with materials, information and news. In English and German.

The Journal of Legal History

Mark Godfrey, Editorial Committee

A perodical dedicated to the sources and development of the common law and the laws of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; and on the European legal tradition.

Oxford Legal History

Mark Godfrey, Advisory Board

A monograph series, dedicated to the legal history of all periods, published by the Oxford University Press.

REDHIS: Rediscovering the Hidden Structure

Ernest Metzger, Contributor

A five-year project exploring the Roman legal culture of late antiquity, funded by the European Research Council.

Roman Legal Tradition scribe. Copyright © Ernest Metzger.

Roman Legal Tradition

Ernest Metzger, Editor-in-Chief

A periodical supported by the Alan Rodger Endowment and the Ames Foundation at the Harvard Law School.

Scottish Feminist Judgments Project 126 x 126

Scottish Feminist Judgments Project

Stephen Bogle, Commentator

Based at the universities of Edinburgh and Warwick, the project aims to imagine how important legal cases might have been decided differently if the judge had adopted a feminist perspective.

Scottish Universities Law Institute

Ernest Metzger, Trustee and Representative for the University of Glasgow

A charity dedicated to publishing definitive professional texts on Scots law for practitioners and courts.

The Stair Society

Mark Godfrey, Literary Director; Ernest Metzger, Member of Council

A Scottish charity dedicated to publishing scholarly works, comprising both primary and secondary texts, on Scottish legal history.