Algebraic Geometry

Our research interests include complex geometry, arithmetic geometry, stability conditions, derived categories, moduli theory and birational geometry.




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Our group has an active PhD student community, and every year we admit new PhD students. We welcome applications from across the world, and we encourage you to browse our available supervisors, and also to consult our general advice on how to navigate the application process.


Regular seminars relevant to the group are held as part of the Algebraic Geometry seminar series. You can find a full list of the seminars within the school on the main seminars page, where you can subscribe to their respective calendars.

Algebraic geometry explores the geometry of spaces with an algebraic structure. The fundamental objects are algebraic varieties, which are the vanishing loci of polynomials. While algebraic geometry is one of the oldest and richest areas of pure mathematics, new tools from commutative algebra and differential geometry led to a revolution in the subject in the 20th century, and the area remains one of the most active and exciting areas of pure mathematics today.

The current research interests of the algebraic geometry group include homological algebra, complex geometry, arithmetic geometry, geometric representation theory, stability conditions, derived categories, moduli theory and birational geometry.