Funding for Postdoctoral Researchers

student in the libraryWe welcome applications by postdoctoral researchers who wish to contribute to our vibrant research environment and interact with one or more of our research groups.

This webpage aims to provide an overview of the various funding opportunities and to give a rough guideline of how to initiate fellowship applications with the School's staff members.

Visit our research webpages for information about our School and our research interests.

There are two main funding mechanisms for postdoctoral positions:

  1. Fellowship applications with one of the UK's or European research councils. Applications involve the writing of a detailed research proposal in liaison with one of the School's staff members who acts as host. Many of these fellowship schemes come with additional funds for research costs such as travel and IT equipment and are highly competitive. Follow the "" link for further information.
  2. Positions funded by an external grant held by a staff member of the School. These positions are usually tied to a concrete project for which financial support has already been secured. Currently available positions together with a brief description of their requirements can be found here, see also the University's job webpages.