During the year the Reproductive & Maternal Medicine is responsible for teaching over 50 Fourth Year and 150 Fifth Year medical students. In addition elective students from Europe and the USA spend an attachment with the department. The evolving nature of the medical curriculum has resulted in a number of new teaching methods.

Current undergraduate teaching

Medical students spend a total of four weeks in one of the regional obstetrics and gynaecology units attached to consultant teams where they are expected to participate in clinics, theatres and labour ward sessions. At the start of the block an introductory day is spent with teaching mannequins emphasising the basics of obstetric and gynaecological examination.

Examination system

A degree examination is held at the end of each teaching block. This consists of:

  • Continuous assessment plus a project presentation
  • A problem orientated essay question to assess theoretical problem solving skills
  • A clinical examination consisting of a single long case to assess clinical skills and depth of knowledge
  • Students undergoing a pass/fail oral also have an objective structured clinical examination