Events & Seminars 2022

The Politics & International Relations Seminar Series is supported by the MacFie Bequest, named after Professor Alec MacFie, Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy at the University from 1945 to 1958. 

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Thursday 9 March 2023 (15:00-16:30)

'Tribal Politics: How Brexit Divided Britain'

Sara Holbolt (London School of Economics)

Location: Boyd Orr 513 – Lecture Theatre D


Thursday 30 March 2023 (15:00-16:00)

'Never let me go: Attachment style and party identification'

Luca Bernardi (University of Liverpool)

Location: Boyd Orr 513 – Lecture Theatre D

Information war: Lessons learned in Ukraine - 24 May 2022, 3pm

Description: While most of us are far from the tanks and the bombs, which are now flying over Ukraine, we all are participating in an information war.
As the war in Ukraine has proven, being able to spot fakes can become a matter of personal security. Knowing the mechanisms of misinformation helps us evaluate news messages rapidly and distil hoax news from reality more efficiently. This lecture will look into Ukraine's experience of dealing with misinformation, discuss the key propaganda tactics and messages spread by Russia in Ukraine, among Russians and in the West, and evaluate how these narratives influence public opinions worldwide.
Bio: Valeria Kovtun is founder and head of Filter, the first national media literacy initiative launched in Ukraine and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. Valeria is an LSE alumna, formerly a journalist at BBC in London, a journalist fellow at the United Nations, and a senior correspondent in Ukrainian media. Before the war, Filter worked closely with the international organisation IREX focusing on developing of Ukrainians’ critical thinking skills and promoting media literacy as a preventative measure against disinformation. Filter launched an online study platform, opened media literacy clubs in the regions where media literacy training sessions were held for local journalists and communities. The Filter team also published a book on media literacy and critical thinking for children, organised the first national student competition 'Reporter', co-produced a TV project with the Ukrainian public broadcaster and launched a countrywide information campaign on media literacy.
Chair: Dr Joanna Szostek
The recording of the talk is available to view. Passcode: Mk8pKyj@ 
You can also access Valeria's Filter Guide  presentation.