Alex Sutton

Photo of Alex Sutton

Alex Sutton is Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester. He has published extensively both methodological developments and substantive applications in the area of evidence synthesis. These include meta-analysis and network meta-analysis (NMA) of aggregate and individual patient data, synthesis of randomized and observational evidence, synthesis of diagnostic test accuracy data and its use for decision making, and the use of synthesis to inform future studies, Alex also runs regular training courses, both nationally and internationally, in diagnostic test synthesis, NMA and decision analysis for professionals (including academics, NICE and pharmaceutical industry) and postgraduates. He was a founding member of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology. Alex is an active member of the Cochrane collaboration and was delighted to be a co-winner of the Cochrane 2014 Bill Silverman prize for the development of a multicomponent decision tool for prioritizing the updating of systematic reviews.