Nicola Cooper, Deputy Director

Photo of Nicola Cooper

Nicola Cooper is Professor of Healthcare Evaluation Research at the University of Leicester and Deputy Director and Lead of diagnostic test accuracy reviews (DTA) for the CRSU. Her research focuses on evidence synthesis and its integration into economic evaluation. Nicola has undertaken both methodological and applied research in the area of evidence synthesis, including DTA, in a range of clinical areas including Public Health. Recent publications have presented novel methods for synthesizing DTA data to evaluate sequences of tests to inform economic evaluations and extending the meta-analysis framework to multiple interventions while incorporating baseline risk and covariates, “borrowing strength” across multiple trial networks allowing the simultaneous synthesis of multiple outcomes. Nicola is a member of the Cochrane Economics Methods Group and contributed to the recent update of the Cochrane review of interventions to prevent injuries in children. Nicola also runs regular training courses, both nationally and overseas, in diagnostic test synthesis, NMA and decision analysis for postgraduates and professionals.